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Update: Bruiser has a Home! 

This is Bruiser, a male tri colored Pembroke Corgi, who is 4-6 years old.  He has had a tough life thus far…coming from a backyard breeder who used him for a stud dog for his entire life.  Therefore, he will need a special, patient, loving home.  He is really starting to recognize that people just want to love on him but we all are taking it slowly as he is shy.  We suspect he has been hit as he reacts to any type of “hard” pats.  One ear is weak but he does bring it up when he is excited.  He is learning to eat good food and we are looking forward to that helping his coat.  His nails were very long so they will need constant attention.  He is neutered, has had his teeth cleaned and all shots.  We want to place him in a home with no other dogs or young children so he gets the socialization he needs.​​

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