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If you are considering adoption and this is your first introduction to a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, please take the time to read About Pembrokes.

If you wish to adopt one of our Corgis, please read more about  Adoption 
 then submit an Adoption Questionnaire


PWCCR supports rescue activities for both Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis (as needed). 
Because not every Corgi lives out its life with its original owner, PWCCR feels a responsibility to provide the public  with rescue, assistance, education and evaluation activities in support of our breed.

General Rules

A Rescue Committee has been established with PWCCR member-representatives in the Fort Collins, Denver metro
and Colorado Springs areas.   Additionally, PWCCR supports members who provide temporary foster care for rescued Corgis. Contact with Rescue may be made by an owner, an area shelter or humane society, a veterinarian
or Colorado All-Breed Rescue. 
  • When an owner contacts PWCCR Rescue, it is the responsibility of the rescue contact to thoroughly investigate the history of the Corgi (including where the dog was obtained, its habits, the health history and the history of the family, i.e., children, cats, other dogs), and the reasons why the Corgi is being released.
  • ​ Under no circumstances will PWCCR Rescue obtain a Corgi with a history of biting.
  •  If the breeder (both the dam and sire) of the dog can be determined, contact must be made with the breeder to take the dog and place it.
  •  If consultation with the owner does not allow the Corgi to remain in the current home, the rescue contact must be clear with the former owner that release to PWCCR Rescue is permanent and the release form must be signed.  No Corgis will be accepted into Rescue without the  release form signed and dated.
  • Arrangements are made to meet the owner at a neutral spot to pick up the Corgi.  PWCCR is not able to financially support reimbursement for travel or shipping of dogs from an owner or to a foster home.  At this time, the release form is signed by the former owner, releasing the Corgi to PWCCR Rescue. 
  • If the Corgi is not current on its boosters or is not neutered, it is PWCCR Rescue policy that the Corgi goes to a pre-approved veterinary clinic prior to placing in foster care.  It is strongly urged that the releasing owner pay some form of payment toward the veterinary care.

Foster Care

PWCCR has pre-approved foster homes on a limited basis. 
  • Once the Corgi has been properly checked by a health professional, the Corgi is evaluated by a PWCCR rescue representative for its personality and temperament and properly groomed, if necessary.
  • ​ In many instances, the  Corgi might need to be kept in foster care for a period of time.  It might need to have weight removed or be house-broken or socialized, etc.


Once the rescue representative determines that the dog is ready and able to be placed in a home, the Corgi is introduced to prospective (pre-approved) homes. 
  • When the best match for the Corgi and new owner occurs, arrangements are made for the new owner to pick the Corgi up.  
  • The new owner must sign the PWCCR Adoption Agreement and make a donation of $450 for dogs 5 years of age and under; $400 for dogs over 5 years of age.  Under no circumstance should a Corgi be released for less than this amount nor will be Corgi be released without the Adoption Agreement signed.
  • A follow-up call to the new owner is made to determine if there are any subsequent problems in the match of Corgi and owner.


PWCCR has limited funds available for Rescue work.  PWCCR will reimburse Rescue members for health-related expenses, food, and grooming as approved by the PWCCR Rescue Chair or President.  Fully-documented receipts must be presented for payment to the PWCCR Treasurer.

To Relinquish a Corgi

If you wish to relinquish your Pembroke, please contact  [email protected] .

Rescue Policy and Procedure
Adoption Questionnaire
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