Our Annual Specialty Show

2018 Specialty 

Friday, August 17, 2018
Island Grove Regional Park ~ Greeley, Colorado
Entries Close:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Regular Classes ~ Patty Gailey
Sweepstakes ~ Betty Strohmeier
Junior Showmanship ~ Ronald Horn

Show Committee 
Trophy Chairs ~ Lynn Kaemmerer & Sr Mary Ellen Roach
Judges Committee Chair ~ Carol Swinney

Hospitality ~ Deb Bridges
Decorating Committee Chair ~ Carol Swinney
Ribbon Chair ~ Lynn Kaemmerer
Basket Chair ~ Beth Merrill
Rescue Raffles Chair ~ Lynn Kaemmerer
Barbeque Chairs ~ Lynn Kaemmerer & Sr Mary Ellen Roach
Dessert Chair ~ Beth Merrill

Club President ~ Karen Supon

PWCCR Sponsors a Conformation Specialty with a Sweepstakes Every Year in August

Show Chairman
Barbara Allen
[email protected]

Show Secretary
Helen Hittesdorf
[email protected]

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Conformation is concerned with proper breeding to the standard and most particularly for good temperament. Our Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very well represented in the conformation ring and on various conformation shows on TV.  There are several reputable, well-known breeders in the Club who are conscientious about breeding.  


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"I'm a little Corgi short and stout,
I'm a total showoff there is no doubt
Put me in th Group ring & I say
Hey you big dogs -get outta my way!"​​