Our Annual Specialty Show

2018 Specialty 

Friday, August 17, 2018
Island Grove Regional Park ~ Greeley, Colorado


Regular Classes ~ Patty Gailey
Sweepstakes ~ Betty Strohmeier
Junior Showmanship ~ Ronald Horn

Show Committee 
Trophy Chairs ~ Lynn Kaemmerer & Sr Mary Ellen Roach
Judges Committee Chair ~ Carol Swinney

Hospitality ~ Deb Bridges
Decorating Committee Chair ~ Carol Swinney
Ribbon Chair ~ Lynn Kaemmerer
Basket Chair ~ Beth Merrill
Rescue Raffles Chair ~ Lynn Kaemmerer
Barbeque Chairs ~ Lynn Kaemmerer & Sr Mary Ellen Roach
Dessert Chair ~ Beth Merrill

Club President ~ Karen Supon
Marked Catalog
Show Chairman
Barbara Allen
[email protected]

Show Secretary
Helen Hittesdorf
[email protected]

We hope you had a wonderful
Join us again  August 16, 2019!

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